Pursuing Passion Pain-Free: Maria Parham Health's Vein Center helps to turn decades-old pain into quick relief for this local volunteer

Maria Bailey loves to give back to others. It is a key element to her happiness, and she is an active volunteer in a number of organizations, including the Woodland Garden Club, Henderson Business and Professional Women and the Downtown Development Commission Board. One of her favorite ways of giving back is through her crocheting. Since 2006, Maria has made over 400 prayer blankets for the sick and ailing with a majority of the blankets given to cancer patients. When chronic pain from a decades-old health scare was preventing her from her passion, she knew it was time to seek help.

Pain decades in the making

Over three decades ago, in Virginia, Maria Bailey was just graduating college with a degree and big plans for her life. And then something terrible happened. Life-threatening complications turned what was -- and still is -- a very simple medical procedure into an extensive hospital stay and serious concern from her family that Maria would not make it. She miraculously survived her health scare, but was left with severe vascular damage in both of her legs.

After her health improved, in 1980, Maria accepted a position with Regal photography studios at Roses and moved to Henderson, North Carolina. After several years of working, her legs began to be very painful and bothersome in her daily activities, and she decided to seek medical advice for options. Unfortunately in 1983, vascular procedures were not covered by insurance and required a two-night hospital stay and six weeks away from work. This simply was not an option for Maria, so she decided she would need to just live with her vascular issues. 

As the years went by, Maria changed careers and joined the team at Vance Granville Community College, where she served in several roles, including the Dean of Student Services, the Health Sciences Coordinator and the Dean of Arts and Sciences. But while her career changed, her leg pain did not. Some nights, the pain was almost debilitating and her right leg would swell making it hard for her to walk. It felt like she had 100-pound weights weighing her down. The pain in Maria's legs in the evenings made it hard for her to concentrate on her crocheting passion. She decided to seek medical help again. 

Quick relief

Maria attended a free seminar for the vein services offered at Maria Parham's Vein Center and met Dr. Cynthia Robinson. That is when everything changed. When she started her treatments at Maria Parham's Vein Center, Maria's legs were swollen to almost double their size, there was pain to the touch on the inside and outside of her legs, and the pain was so intense at times that she could not even walk. After just the first treatment, the relief from her pain was incredible. 

"I could not believe how much relief I had after just one visit," she recalls. 

Maria is happy to have found Maria Parham Health's Vein Center. She has competed her treatments and is now enjoying a life free of leg pain. She can now enjoy all the things she loves in life -- without the burden of painful, swollen legs to slow her down. And as she nears 500 completed blankets, her passion for crocheting is stronger than ever.