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Maria Parham Health is pleased to announce that board-certified OB/GYN physician Michaela Beynon, MD, MS, has joined Maria Parham Women's Care. Dr Beynon received her medical education from Ross University School of Medicine in the West Indies and completed her residency at Aultman Hospital OBGYN in Canton, Ohio. She also
holds a Masters of Neuroscience degree from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada.

Dr Beynon has experience in high-risk pregnancy management, labor and delivery, general gynecological care, and other women's care concerns and issues. She will be instrumental in providing preventative medicine and guiding women in our community in making the right choices when it comes to staying well and living a healthy lifestyle. To schedule an appointment with Dr Michaela Beynon, call Maria Parham Women's Care at 252.492.8576. For help finding a medical provider near you, call 800.424.DOCS.

Michaela Beynon, MD, MS

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Fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists, Maria Parham has combined the qualities necessary to offer the best in community medicine - physicians representing a wide range of specialties, highly trained nurses and clinical specialists, and the latest technology.

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