Pre-Op Admissions

Maria Parham's Pre-Op team is here to provide our patients with the information and support they need before undergoing a surgical procedure. It is our priorty to meet with each patient before surgery to learn more about the patient and get critical information. As a result, each surgical patient is required to have a pre-op interview in-person or over the phone. We make every effort to get all the pre-op information required from our patients in one visit.

Nurse Reviewing Paper Work With Patient

Our Pre-Op Nursing team is here to assist you in scheduling a pre-admission testing appointment. During this arrangements will be made for any special lab tests, x-rays, or other tests your physician has ordered. The pre-op nurse will spend time with you, explaining what will happen on the day of your surgery and to review any necessary paperwork. Your nurse will cover specific instructions for your operation such as what time to arrive, where to go, and provide assistance, if needed, for someone drive you to and from the hospital.

We offer flexible appointments for your surgery. Please called 252-436-1510- to schedule an appointment for pre-op lab work, anesthesia interviews, or to speak with the PAT nursing staff.

Pre-Op Nurse Contacts


The Day of Surgery

Please arrive at the hospital at the time you are scheduled. The admitting nurse will greet you and prepare you for your procedure. Your blood pressure and temperature will be checked and any other specific treatment ordered by your physician will be completed. While you are in the operating room, family and friends may wait in our comfortable waiting area or in the hospital cafeteria.