Occupational Therapy

Maria Parham’s team of Occupational Therapists (OTs) evaluates and treats developmentally, mentally, emotionally, and physically disabled patients. Their goal is to improve or restore patients to the highest possible level of independence and enhance their quality of life by teaching daily living skills. Maria Parham Occupational Therapists assist patients with functional retaining by simulating real-life situations and practicing in a supervised clinical atmosphere. Our outpatient facility includes a kitchen, bath, and laundry area to mimic a home environment. Having a home environment allows our Occupational Therapists to each a patient to care for themselves and learn to safely continue routine daily life activities.

Our Occupational Therapists also address the following needs with patients:

  • Visual acuity and hand-eye coordination
  • Decision making skills, abstract reasoning, problem solving, perceptual skills, memory and sequencing
  • Training to use adaptive equipment or assistive technology to increase independence in daily activities
  • Hand therapy for any injury or impairment with arm function
  • Lymphedema management
  • Developmental delays including birth defects, autism, and cerebral palsy