Questions & Answers About Home Health Care

Q: Who pays for services?

A:  Services may be billed to Medicare,  Medicaid, Private Insurance, or directly to the patient.

Q: Do I have to be a patient at Maria Parham to receive care?

A: No, our patients may have been at other hospitals or may not have ever been hospitalized.

Q: Is my physician involved in my care?

A: Yes, your plan of care is approved by your physician and we are in close communication with them.

Q: How can we get started?

A:  All services are under the management of your physician. In order to receive services, you may call our office or consult with your doctor. Help can be just a phone call away. It’s your choice

Maria Parham Regional Home Health

(252) 431-3708

Office Hours:


Services provided 7 days a week

24-hour on call service is available by a Registered Nurse