Center for Rehabilitation

The Center for Rehab admits adults with functional limitations caused by the following medical conditions:

  • Stroke (CVA)   
  • Amputation   
  • Hip Fracture   
  • Hip & Knee Replacement   
  • Major multiple trauma   
  • Polyarthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis   
  • Neurological disorders   
  • Spinal cord injury   
  • Deconditioning secondary to other diagnoses   
  • Higher level brain injury   
  • Orthopedic Cases including Back Surgery

Functional limitations benefiting from rehabilitation include:

  • Weakness or limited motion in arms, legs and/or trunk  
  • Balance and coordination problems   
  • Difficulty moving from one place to another   
  • Difficulty performing activities of daily living such as eating, grooming, dressing, bathing and homemaking   
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control   
  • Memory deficits, judgment difficulties   
  • Difficulty in communicating   
  • Swallowing disorders   
  • Impaired leisure and community function   
  • Impaired social interaction


The Center offers an intensive level of care including a minimum of three hours of therapy at least 5 days per week. Two of the first three services must be needed by the patient for admission:

  • Physical Therapy – walking, stairs, wheelchair skills   
  • Occupational Therapy – activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing, cognitive function   
  • Speech Therapy – communication, swallowing, and cognitive function

The frequency of services is twice daily for physical and occupational therapy and once or twice daily for speech therapy depending on the treatment needs of the patient.


Private patient rooms are available. Training areas include a gym, kitchen, dining room and a Transition Suite. The Transition Suite is a mini-apartment for use in training caregivers and patients.


Core members of the rehabilitation team include:

  • Patient and family   
  • Rehabilitation nurse   
  • Physical therapist   
  • Occupational therapist   
  • Social worker / case manager   
  • Speech therapist  

Other specialists participate on the team based on the needs of the patient and may include:

  • Dietician   
  • Orthotist/Prosthetist   
  • Other physicians   
  • Wound care nurse

Center For Rehabilitation

(252) 436-6130