Nursing Care

Our nurses are inspired by their patients. The practice of nursing at Maria Parham encompasses compassionate, professional, and competent care. We know each patient is unique—our nursing process is implemented and practiced within the context of the total patient needs. Nurses at Maria Parham have a collaborative relationship with the entire healthcare team of physicians, technicians and therapists for the provision of total care.

The nursing staff understands the special needs of the patient who has been admitted for an illness or is recovering from surgery. Our nurse’s excellent care is consistently recognized by our patients and families. To view patient testimonials about their experiences with our nurses, please click here.

Our nurses truly love what they do and caring for our community. Nurses at Maria Parham enjoy working at our hosptial because patients are treated like family. They also enjoy the collaborative working environment. Our nursing staff's mission and values were put in place as a standard for each nurse at Maria Parham to practice everyday. To learn more about our mission and values, please click here.

To learn more about a career in Nursing, please click here.

Rapid Response

We have a rapid response team created as a result of the 5 Million Lives Campaign from the Institute of Health Improvement. Our nurses have the ability to take immediate action if they feel a patient needs immediate medical attention. Our CAP team response rate have been recognized by medical staff leadership.