What Happens When a Patient is Discharged?

June 25, 2020

What happens after a patient is discharged?  

As part of our routine cleaning protocol, our environmental services (EVS) team takes the following steps to clean and sanitize a room after a patient is discharged:  

  • Restrict access to room. 

  • Use alcohol foam (sanitizer) on hands and put on gloves. 

  • Trash and linens are bagged. 

  • Gloves are removed, alcohol foam reapplied; new gloves are put on. 

  • Dust surfaces at shoulder height and above. 

  • Disinfect bed — cleaning top to bottom, removing all tape. 

  • Disinfect room — starting at the door, wiping high-touch surfaces and furniture. 

  • Disinfect bathroom, cleaning, and wiping down all areas.  

  • Remove gloves and use alcohol foam. In isolation, or “high risk”, rooms: Remove gloves, then gown, then mask. Wash hands with soap and water. 

  • Gather clean linens, drape over forearm, hold away from body.  

  • Make bed. 

  • Restock supplies. 

  • Dry mop. 

  • Wet mop, ending at the door. 

  • Clean hands and put on new gloves. 

  • Disinfect cleaning equipment. 

  • Remove gloves, wash with soap and water.