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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At Maria Parham Health, your rights as an individual and as a patient are important to us. Our staff members will treat you with consideration, respect and dignity.

You have the right to:

  • expect the medical center to make its services available to you within its capacities and policies.
  • safe, high quality, medical care, without discrimination, that is compassionate and respects personal dignity, values and beliefs.
  • appropriate assessment and management of pain.
  • be free of any form of restraints not deemed medically necessary.
  • considerate and respectful care.
  • practice your personal beliefs while a patient.
  • every consideration of privacy that the law allows including confidentiality of Personal Health Information (PHI).
  • expect reasonable safety insofar as the hospital practices and environment are concerned.
  • receive help in contacting protective services such as guardianship services or in contacting support services.
  • expect prohibition of physical or psychological abuse including humiliation, neglect, threatening actions, unnecessary services and charges and other forms of  exploitation.
  • know the name and title of all staff members providing direct care to you.
  • know from the doctor your medical condition, treatment plan, and prognosis in words you can understand.
  • review information contained in your medical record within limits of law and have it explained/interpreted
  • give directions about the health care you want if you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself through the use of Advance Directives (Living Wills) and Healthcare Power of Attorneys
  • have visitors and to receive communication from outside of the hospital.
  • request that a family member, friend and/or physician be notified that you are under the care of this facility.
  • an interpreter as needed.
  • make decisions about the plan of care prior to and during the course or treatment and to refuse such care as permitted by law and hospital policy.  The patient should be informed of the medical consequences of his actions.
  • request a discharge planning screen.
  • know who is responsible for authorizing and performing your tests or procedures.
  • know about and refuse to be in a research project/study.
  • know where medically significant alternatives for care or treatment exist.
  • seek a second doctor’s opinion, if available.
  • refuse treatment, including resuscitative services, to the extent allowed by law.
  • go to another hospital if medically needed services are not available at Maria Parham Health.
  • know what, if any, health care you need after you leave Maria Parham Health.
  • receive a detailed bill of services received and available payment methods.
  • be informed of the hospital rules/regulations that relate to care, treatment, responsibilities, complaint resolution and access to the Ethics Committee.
  • issue a grievance/complaint with no fear of retaliation from the caregiver and resulting in no barriers to the services received. 
    • Maria Parham Quality Hotline - (252) 436-1010
    • NC Division of Health & Human Services -  (800) 662-7030
    • Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence - (800) 682-2650
    • The Joint Commission - (800) 994-6610
    • Medicare (CMS) - (800) Medicare

You have the responsibility to:

  • provide information about past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, other matters relating to his or her condition, insurance benefits, identification and request additional information or clarification as needed.
  • inform their healthcare providers about any changes in pain and the effectiveness of pain relief measures.
  • follow the treatment plan recommended by the primary caregiver including keeping appointments.
  • for his/her actions if the primary caregiver’s instructions are not followed or
  • the treatment is refused. 
  • follow the facility’s rules and regulations.
  • meet all financial obligations to the facility.