Visitation Restrictions Updates

June 10, 2020


  • MPH will continue the current policy of no visitors for the following:
    • Inpatient Rehab
    • Behavioral Health (Franklin or Emergency Departments)
    • All COVID + and COVID R/O patients
    • Henderson ED
  • ONE visitor per patient per day for the following:
    • All non-COVID inpatients – visiting hours 9am – 6pm
    • All outpatients
    • All Cancer Center patients (exam room only after called to come in from car)
    • All surgical patients (the visitor is to wait in OPSU during surgery)
    • Franklin campus ED – visiting hours 24 hrs/day.
    • We are still working through visitation for Henderson ED due to screening logistics. MORE UPDATES TO COME.
    • Visitors must bring own mask and wear continuously while in facility.
    • Overnight stay ONLY for:
      • OB patients
      • Pediatric patients
      • End of life cases
  • TWO visitors per patient are allowed for pediatric patients under age 16
  • All visitors will be logged in and screened at entry
  • All visitors must be 18 years of age or older
  • Visitors are to remain in the area of the patient they are visiting; they are not to roam the hospital
  • Visitors may access the cafeteria for food but will not be able to sit in the café.  Meals must be taken back to the visited room or eaten outside (benches, cars, etc.)
  • Within the 9 AM - 6 PM visiting hours, units may still request visitors to leave at the established times (i.e. ICU limits visitation between 2 - 4 PM)